Drones & Quads
K2 Drone

Know your Drone..
Drones [AKA] Quad 'Copters range in price
from $19 to $5,000
Regardless of price;
..if you can't fly it,
..if it's difficult to control,
..if it can't survive a minor crash,
..if you can't keep it out of the trees,
it's worthless..

The Purple Bear
is proud to be the exclusive "brick
and morter" vendor for the K2 Drone.

The K2 .....
*..has a "one key" return function.
*..has optional "headless function.                 
*..has 3D eversion
*..is camera compatable
*..has 2 speeds [selectable]
*.. is easy to fly
Quality at a GREAT
just $59.99
Optional HD Camera